What is a smartphone definition?

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone then it might be a good idea to get the definition of a smartphone in your mind. Where does the smartphone differ from other normal phones? What is the part that makes him smart? And off course is it worth buying one for you?


Smartphone definition basics


If you want to put it simple then a smartphone still operates primarily as a mobile phone, but also has the additional features of a personal computer (PC). Well at least you can connect to the web and also download applications or listen to your music and much more. The smartphone definition is that this phone is designed to combine several numbers of portable devices into one.



The traditional cell phones started with the main function of receiving and making calls and didn’t do anything else basically. There was the possibility to send text messages to people that also had a phone, but more than that wasn’t possible (yet). It even took a while to get to the point of having a phone that had the capabilities to play music or downloading multimedia files.


At last the PDA (personal digital assistants) and cell phone worlds are merged. PDA’s where used as personal organizers and they are much less powerful computers that you could take with you while travelling. So a smartphone is a much more advanced combination of all these features alongside the ability to receive and make phone calls.


What can you usually find in a smartphone?


The smartphone definition isn’t edged into stone to tell the truth because smartphones are changing all the time. Manufacturers make more and more complex and powerful smartphones. There are however some main features that are common to most smartphones:


-Operating System: Smartphones always come with an operating system just like any standard pc, where all the software runs on. This OS or operating system is known as Android and becomes more popular over time.


-Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi: Almost all the latest smartphones allow you to connect to your internet through the use of hotspots and/or mobile data networks such as 3G.


-Apps: Applications are also called apps and they are software. A smartphones has the possibility to run a huge range of apps, such as playing your music or using Facebook or play games and much more.


-Keyboard: The older traditional cell phones have number pads but smartphones normally have a full QWERTY keyboard (just as a personal computer keyboard). This can be physically or virtually in the form of a touch screen.


-E-mail and web browsing: It’s very common to have web browsing and e-mail apps on modern smartphones.


-Synching: Most of the smartphones also come with an ability to synchronize to your personal computer. So what it means is you can keep your smartphone up to date with data such as videos or music that you store on your pc. Off course you can sync vice versa to. I hope the smartphone definition has become clear to everybody. In the future I’ll be talking about this topic some times.


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