What are mobile phone applications?

Mobile phone applications also referred to as mobile apps and when people talk about apps, they mean applications that you can install on your cell phone. Some are free and some you have to buy and these are add-ons that will take over some functions. From practical or function functionalities to even medical apps or games.


The term app is used for applications on personal computers or any other gadget, so the term mobile phone applications (apps) refer to software that is resident on cellular phones.




The first cellular phones offered functions like e-mail and internet access that where at that time only available for pc. These options are very common these days and became very popular and widely spread and that includes games, browsers and e-books. The mobile phone applications also use technologies such as motion detection; GPS, mic and can even give you new cool stuff like uploading maps for your navigation system. A calendar that will remind you when you visit a place what you have to do.


Lately you can even use them to tap into your car if you have an electric car or health monitor. Then you can perform tasks faster and with better precision compared to you personal computer even though the cell phone power is much less.


There are some that work together with other media tools, but most of them are working stand-alone. For instance, an app that synchronizes data between your mobile and a website through your internet connection. And video apps that can be used to control your video recorder, satellite or cable and will stream premium content from your TV to your smartphone.


App purchase


Every cell phone has its own place where you can buy apps. Android have there Android Market end Apple has its Apple store. Mobile phone applications are obtainable through those services that are part of the operating system on the cellular phone. Therefore, if you want the easiest way to download apps to your cell phone you should visit the appropriate store in your mobile phone. This way you will get the applications directly on your cell phone. Some apps can be downloaded to your pc first and then put on your cell separately.


The firm determines the pricing of apps and/or person(s) that made it, just in the same way pc software is calculated or determined. Because of the advertising in mobile phone applications, you can often download it free or for a price way less, compared to personal computer software. There are also apps that you have to buy a subscription which will give you cost during a time.


There are apps that can be installed on a single mobile; however, there are also some that will work on multiple cellular mobiles. In case if you have more then one cell phone it could be possible to install your purchased app that is only bought for a single phone to install on all your gadgets. And to find those details you should get them through the developer site or possibly any retailer.


The installation and recovery of apps


The way to install mobile phone applications is either to agree to an installation by clicking on a button or drag the icon to your cellular. In addition, to uninstall your app you can simply delete it or drag the icon of the app away from the wireless phone. The data is usually not stored in a separate place other then your smart cell phone so keep in mind when you uninstall applications that you will also lose the data involved to that particular app. How many apps you can install will entirely depend on the available memory you have available on your mobile.


In case you lose your app or it is gone all of a sudden because something has gone wrong with the phone memory then there is a possibility to recover it. It all depends on creating a backup of your phone on a regular basis. If so then there is a saved copy of it in there. Unfortunately, many people forget to create a backup of there cellular, which create addition problems. Thankfully, some retailers will have a record of your purchases and will provide you with a download link in case you lose your app. There you can download it as many times as you like. If you do not have a link to download then I would advise you ask a way to recover or restore it by contacting the company where you bought it.




No mobile phone application or regular software for your pc is flawless even though the people who release it try to minimize bugs and problems. Because some customers/users regularly discover bugs, which might be major or minor issues, look at the company page for any comments on issues or bugs. Problems such as shutting down the app unexpectedly causing data loss or freezes. An app is usually not that big in size so providing an update or upgrade to fix your problems is not that hard. You should get a quick update free when you bought the software, which could also include updated features or other improvements.


Creating apps


You absolutely need many skills to design your own apps such as creating the graphics for it and off course the main part the computer programming. Usually people use teams for this even though you could do it alone. Because of the increasing app requirements some people with there companies and apps are being very successful at selling there apps. Unfortunately, I have never been a programmer myself or had any real ambitions for it otherwise; I would know what to do ;-).


I know some of the programmers and they have learned everything they know from self-learning. Some schools will let you learn to design your own apps in the form of programming and user interface.


On the internet, you can find many beginners guides for app creation. You will find programmers in a community that also help you with some of the issues you will have. The programming languages that are used are Objective-C or Java but this depends on the OS.


The mobile phone applications business is quit promising and worthy if, you are a programmer. If you’re not a programmer yourself, you could hire one. Then you usually find out it will justify your expenses.