The cheapest prepaid cell phone deals

When you look at smartphone deals you have to look at the choices you have about the kind of tariff you have to take out. Would you like to pay as you go or rather a contract? The amount of minutes, texts messages and also data you need? And off course what provider do you want for your needs?


Contract or Pay as you go?


If you take a contract with a fixed length you will generally get a better deal compared to a prepay (as you go) offering.


Smartphone deals and contracts usually last 24, 18 or 12 months and they include a free or heavily subsidised smartphone into this bargain in return for your loyalty. In many cases they’ll also bundle more texts minutes and or data for your money.


It is debatable if a smartphone is a good one, but you will find out the more expensive smartphones you have the more you have to pay for a contract every month. But this is still an excellent method to get your hands on a state of the art smartphone on this hire purchase sort of a deal.


The only downside when you have such smartphone deals is that your stuck with that contract for a least a year. So if you have a 24 or 18 month contract the smartphone you picked you’ll have a long time. So if you want the latest high-tech or want to change smartphones often you may want to stick to Payg deals.


Tariff or Phone cost


The “phone cost” is the initial cost you have to pay for your smartphone. The cheaper the chosen smartphone will be when you pay more each month for your contract (meaning more minutes, text and data).


But be aware and warned from buying too many minutes that you probably will never use up, in the long run this will only cost you money. It might be worth paying some more for your smartphone initially, so you will have a cheaper tariff monthly which suits better to your needs.


Contract length


The longer you are willing to sign up the better your smartphone deals will be. If you want to save as much as possible, then consider going for a 2 year tariff for the best deals.


Unfortunately if you go for a longer contract it can be a pitfall. The chosen smartphone will be banked for at least 2 years in 1 piece. To a certain degree it’s insured although you don’t want an old battered smartphone in over a year’s time that you’re still paying for.


Effective cost each month


The tariff minus the freebies plus the cost of the smartphone will give you a pretty good idea of the overall value of the smartphone deals packages.


Text, Data and Minutes


If you had a previous smartphone then take a look at your bills in the past and figure out what you need on text, data and minutes. You can even call your previous provider of your smartphone to tell you if things are not obvious.


As for data is concerned be very sure to check out the small printing when you have a deal in your sight that says “unlimited”. Because not all of the unlimited deals are created equally, although some may actually be unlimited most of them have a “fair usage” policy.


500 MB of data each month is not much but can in fact be that “Fair Usage” policy. That’s not unlimited, and it’s far from that to.


Smartphone mobile supplier


There are people that have a favourite supplier for there smartphone, while others just go for the best deal. Making a choice with the right smartphone provider is still a decision that is part for many of us.


There isn’t really a “best” provider for your smartphone and it normally changes with the seasons. Improvements are made all the time, from the deals to the networks so it’s hard to pick one. But fortunately there are some areas to watch at.


At first be sure to check out the coverage in the area where you are, all companies have 3G coverage maps you can check out. If you want a smartphone to do its job well online you need a 3G coverage area that is good.


Secondly, see what your family and friends use, and how those providers offer little extra such as on the network calls that are free, or specific friends or family numbers you can call without charge.


And thirdly you could find special deals such as Orange Wednesdays (2 for 1 cinema tickers) or T-Mobile DVD/game rental offers. In the period of 2 year deals, this can really make a difference.


Once you have found the deal you want among the smartphone deals just go for it!