The best budget cell phone for 2012

In the past if you would buy a smartphone, you would spend a lot for it especially because there where no best budget smartphones around. These days there are a wide range of best budget smartphones, which will give you access to the latest technological developments and only cost a fraction of expensive smartphones. Below are some of these best budget smartphones of 2012.



HTC Desire C


The HTC One series has high quality smartphones,however in 2012 they release some best budget smartphones that had practically the same display size as the Apple iPhone 4S. Additionally, the special Beats Audio feature like most HTC smartphones is included for everything from music to video and even games. The Beats Audio makes bass lines thicker and gives more sound layers so you can hear the music as the artist intended you to hear it. This is amongst one of the features the flagship the HTC One X has, which is also been given to the HTC best budget smartphones like the HTC Desire C.


It even has NFC a feature the new iPhone 5 lacks and is very handy to get faster transfer speed if you are with a friend that has NFC as well. Therefore, as you can see the HTC Desire C is real proof of that you can buy cheap smartphones that also have premium technologies.


Sony Xperia U


The Sony Xperia U has a rainbow for those who like colours and are on a budget. The modern design is very energetic due to its transparent LED strip, which is illuminating in the most prominent colour on its 3.5-inch Reality screen. And the best part of this all is you can change it to your particular colour which suits your style.


You might think it is a gimmick or a distraction of some sort but don’t make a mistake. This Sony smartphone has a very powerful 1 GHz dual-core CPU, and with it display size it has the same CPU and display as the iPhone 4S but for a lesser price. Additionally, the Sony Xperia U comes like all the others in the NXT series with a membership for the Sony Entertainment Network. Here you can access thousands of videos and millions of audio tracks. Last but not least, it has a 5 MP camera which is the same as the HTC Desire C. The only difference is this 5 mp camera can record in High Definition video.


BlackBerry Curve 9320


This smartphone could be just perfect for first time smartphone customers or people that are searching for an upgrade from previous models. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is build for social media because it has a dedicated BBM key found on the side of the smartphone so you can get right into the services of the BlackBerry Messenger. It has Wi-Fi and 3G internet and therefore it will provide you with a good Internet speed.


It operates on the most recent BlackBerry 7.1 operating system, and it handles smoother and has more accessibility concerning navigation if you compare it to previous models. This is because of Research in Motion that also built a battery-preserving app so you can control the output of your power with the use of screen brightness adjustments. Also 3G connection and even more when you reach the limits you set. So this is very handy when you are going to be away from home some time.


So here you have 3 of the best budget smartphones from 2012 and they are evidence that the main brands released a range of smartphones that are affordable and have nice features at the same time.