Smartphone Reviews

Smartphone reviews are here to show you exactly what’s so great about each device. I’ll be going into several aspects from looks to technical specifications.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus


The iPhone killer phrase, about every major smartphone launch is accompanied by it. But the Samsung Galaxy Nexus might very well be more than hype.


With a screen that comes close to a table a dual core CPU and massive high-tech feature such as face recognition the anticipation was pretty high before it came out. On top of all this it is the first smartphone that got the new revolutionary Android 4.0 with the codename Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re making smartphone reviews this smartphone should be in there without a doubt.


Build and styling


Compared to the iPhone 4S or a Nokia Lumia 800 this Galaxy Nexus looks undoubtedly hefty, but because it’s slim and there is very little space on the front that is devoted to anything other then the screen it doesn’t really feel all that big when you look at the specs.


The styling is very lovely but the textures on the back I am not entirely enamoured about, unfortunately it doesn’t feel al that valuable or as a premium product such as the iPhone.


The Screen


When a smartphone has a big case it almost always allows for a big screen to be available, and that’s why the Galaxy Nexus won’t disappoint you on that front.


You will have a nice beautiful Super Amoled screen that has 316 “pixel per inch” resolution that comes intensively close to the iPhone 4S which has 326 “pixel per inch”. It is wonderfully bright and has a colourful presentation too, as well for deep and dark black colours which make it a movie viewer dream come true. These smartphone reviews include every detail.


Around a quarter of an inch of the screen is reserved for virtual buttons that can be customized, although the vastness of the display is intended for you to see what you want. Such as the tantalising wonderful live wallpapers that are colourful.




The Samsung Galaxy Nexus houses a 1.2 GHz “dual core” CPU that will provide you with the satisfaction you need concerning responsiveness. The apps will load in a flash, fluid web browsing and embedded videos will load almost instantly and also play in a smoothly way. If your internet connection is sufficient enough off course and will also permit smooth data connections.


The Camera


The 5MP camera seems a bit regretful compared to the 8MP camera the iPhone 4S has because a persons expectations have changed during time. Nonetheless the Galaxy Nexus photo abilities are at such a level it’s hard to complain about in any of the smartphone reviews.


Unfortunately the Nexus tend to produce shots that are a bit darker or lighter then is truly the case, although the pictures are crisp and full of detail it produces beautiful macro shots. There is a load of edit options that can be altered afterwards so your masterpiece looks its best.


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) brings us an easy panorama feature instead of the dreadful image line ups one at a time.


And even more


I can’t end any smartphone reviews without talking about the front 1.3 MP camera that can unlock your smartphone by scanning and then recognising your face. There will still be a backup pin for sudden beard growers etc. Android Beam the latest update of Google’s NFC sharing platform which works pretty well but still struggles to take off.


So all these fancy features and the bright incredible big display you might expect it to drain power but this isn’t the case. Off course is will still be a smartphone so one daily recharge will still be needed but nothing less efficient as other rivals.


The Verdict


This combination of a lovely fast and big displayed smartphone with a nice and slick featured loaded Android 4.0 makes this the perfect smartphone.


From the smartphone reviews you might have seen like the iPhone 4S this Galaxy Nexus is a close call between them but it’s one of the best Android phones I have seen.