Smartphone Definition

The Smartphone with the most functions


What exactly is a smartphone, what is the smartphone definition? More and more people have one or really would like to have one and it’s called the smartphone. In fact it is a really nice name for a mobile phone with internet access and internet functionalities. It’s nothing more and nothing less. The marked is overwhelmed with mobile phones, which you can almost direct your entire life with. The only thing apart from a smartphone you need is an internet subscription to get your smartphone wishes going.


What exactly is “smart”? So what makes the best smartphone? What kind of things must it have and also what are the differences? On this page you’ll find a survey on all these aspects and the smartphone definition. Also what to look for before you make a choice for a great smartphone. On my other pages you can find a wide range of the best smartphones from the year 2011, so you can buy the right phone without to much of a hassle.


So what are the most important aspects when it comes choosing the right smartphone? Everybody has different preferences, so not every smartphone is particularly the best always for them. You see you can telephone with all of them, but speed, memory, OS, touch screen or not and the available applications also referred to as “apps” are the factors that count when you want to purchase a smartphone.




Many manufacturers have there own OS. Some examples are Windows for mobile, Symbian, Android and iOS (iPhone). Off course every user will decide for themselves what OS will be best for there requirements. This choice is mostly made by the brand you will choose because every brand has its OS. So when you choose a brand you make a direct choice for an OS to in most cases.




The smartphone definition like I said early has to do with the “apps”. Maybe one of the most important factors to determine the best smartphone for you is the availability and numbers of apps. I am not talking about only games such as Angry Birds or Coin Dozer, but also train arrival times, navigation applications, banking applications and even barcode scanners. The iPhone and Android smartphones are clearly the systems that have the most apps, and many of them can be downloaded without charge.




In this explanation of the smartphone definition I also want to talk about the memory. Coherent with any wishes concerning the apps the memory is just as important. Some of the best smartphones have a steady memory amount of 8 to 64 GB. Many smartphones have the possibility for a memory expansion through the use of a micro SD card. The benefit of this is you can fit those SD cards in your pc or laptop so you can transfer the made pictures directly to your pc.




The main brands that are available and also mentioned in my other pages are Apple (iPhone), HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and Blackberry. I hope it became clear what a smartphone is and what the smartphone definition means.