Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps are found in the Android Market and although the iPhone App Store has more apps then the Android Market there are plenty numbers to be overwhelmed, and it continues to grow at a fast pace. To navigate through all of them, here is a list of smartphone apps.


Google Voice


This is a service which is so useful and it is one of the top Android benefits. It is a service that can give you a phone number, and can call multiple devices or places and will provide you with access to your voicemails and also text message from the web. Its even deeper integrated because it can make calls to others in a way there coming from your google voice number. This way you can keep your real mobile number private.


Advanced Task Killer


Android is a multitasking Mobile OS and the reality is you have to manage your apps to avoid performance decrease or battery life. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) is one my favourite apps and even comes as a widget so you can tap it once to kill all open apps. Also you can set it up to kill all your apps at a periodic interval. There are people that argue about the use of ATK and they think it’s irrelevant and unneeded for smartphone apps. Personally I prefer ATK, and therefore it’s in my favourite.




This cloud service is great for automatically syncing files or folders between multiple computers (Linux, Mac or Windows). The app extends the dropbox to Android and will interact with other apps (documents) to open the required files. It can access PDF files, images, and other documents by dragging them to the folder on your pc. Then you have access to those files through your smartphone once this app is installed.




This is a clean and easy user friendly Android app that has some extras that will give it that edge over other apps. It has voice recognition so you can speak out your tasks that this app will turn into a to-do item.




There is no Google Analytics for iPhone or Android (no official app anyway), and this is the best one I’ve found. Another good one is mAnalytics. Among the best smartphone apps this one is head and shoulders about the rest.


Documents To Go


This app can read Microsoft Word and Excel file documents when you have the freeware version. You can upgrade to the full version for $15 if you also like to create and or edit files and also get Microsoft PowerPoint with it.


Google Docs


This is a nice mobile app implementation of the management of documents. The only app you need really when you mostly work with Google Docs like when you upload Microsoft Office files to your repository of Google Docs. The only downside of this app is it opens all your files in a web browser instead of the app itself.




This app is to keep track of all your travel itineraries and it is by far the best app for it. The backend systems are great, you just forward your confirmation emails for rental cars, hotels, flights, etc to Tripit and then it organizes it automatically into trips with all of your details and confirmation numbers.


If you have Gmail you can even automatically catch those confirmation emails with the use of a plugin and turn them all into Tripit trips. As you can see this is one of the smartphone apps to use for travelling.


Google Places


This app is for finding services and shops near your current location. It is very accurate and shows you everything from restaurants to medical facilities to taxis. It is a very valuable and among the best smartphone apps I know. The business information comes from Google local which is better than any info you would get from a GPS unit and better then the iPhone similar apps available. Google Maps is intergraded as well.