Cell phone applications for sales persons

In case you are a salesperson, you would be using a smartphone as well as smartphone programs. Therefore, you would have an Android or iPhone smartphone and not a Blackberry because those are obsolete in my opinion. Personally, I am not a salesperson but I always wanted to be one. Guess I am more into technical stuff then sales ;-) . I know the smartphone is the number one tool to make your deals, but I know in the future it will be the tablets and the iPads that will become the primary devices.



Unfortunately, smartphones still have some problems that will not be solved very soon. Wireless providers still run the show. This means you still have data caps, slow connections or calls that being dropped. The batteries are many times not sufficient although the battery life is getting better with each release. In addition, most of the smartphone applications are in the league of entertainment or games.


Mobile CRM


Although this name cannot be found in any app store, I am referring to a sort of generic name. What I mean is a customer relationship management system for your company. If a company does not have CRM then that is a disadvantage already. If you don’t have one you could read Paul Greenberg annual series where you can see very popular apps. Therefore, a good smartphone application is necessary for a good CRM system for sure and good salespeople rely on it to be more productive. Such as taking notes for customer prospects, forecast checking or creating opportunities. Certain vendors (Salesforce, Microsoft, Sugar or Sage) usually create CRM software. Surely it is the most vital mobile app you have to use.




If you have dropped calls or slow data connections, then join the club. Unfortunately, providers are not as fast as they should be. Well here comes the app CompanionLink into action because it synchronizes your data in between CRM systems and there managers. You can use virtually any mobile smartphone and synchronizes calendar and contact info between for example Outlook and Google. You may think it is old fashioned to sync with the release of cloud-based apps. However, try to get a number or appointment fast while you need it and wait for the connection to create.


Although the software is not flawless as many other smartphone applications, it does work and will give salespeople important data quickly on the go. It also enables you to synchronize even more data such as customizations or fields and a schedule option, which is usually extra detailed right out of the box.


Google Maps and Navigator


Those two smartphone applications work extremely well together and I am not entirely sure if these are separate apps or not. If you are printing your directions from a site then you don’t know what you are missing. GPS systems like the fabulous Google Maps really work perfectly. They are also easy to handle, reliable and above all free :-) . So when you have a smartphone just start to use them!




Evernote is one of the smartphone applications that operate as an administrator on the go and you can even use smartphone voice recognition, if you don’t like to type. With this software all your data is saved online, so when you make notes on the way and get back in the office everything is copied in 5 seconds. When you make notes with the use of a browser and then go back on the road, again you see the same thing on your smartphone.




This software program is designed to track your expenses when you go along. Cloud storage is used to store the data so it can be rapidly intergraded into many accounting systems. In addition, an application by use of an API can be integrated to communicate with your particular accounting system.


Keep in mind that the finance department should research these smartphone applications prior to using them. Because the manufacturers of those software are building and improving there particular billing and time apps for there products and this includes expense management as well.