Mobile phone top 10 brands 2012

There are many brands available to purchase and so I would like to make a mobile phone top 10 of brands available in 2012. I will start with the best brands in my opinion in my mobile phone top 10 list. Now every person has another list in there head so this is my personal list, so don’t be offended by it :-).




This is my favourite brand and I can say of millions of other people. Because the Android cellular’s have become so popular specially the last 2 years Samsung made a enormous leap in the mobile phone industry. They sold 28 million cell phones every quarter throughout the globe and therefore they have the maximum market share in 2012.




Everybody knows Apple and it is probably the most recognized brand in the whole world. Steve Job, which has become legendary for its visions and ideas, has given Apple a net income of more then 25 billion USD. With his iPhone and iPad, he made such impact and then captured the hearths of many out there. Apple is on number 2 of my mobile phone top 10 guide.




This Taiwan company makes a net income of over 1.3 billion USD with there excellent cellular phones and tablets. This is also due to the popular Android operation system they use like Samsung. They even got the Device Manufacturer of the Year award this year.




Although the 3 other companies are my personal favourite, Nokia is definitely the undisputed leader for more then 20 years in this cell phone market. They sell there products in more then 150 countries and remains one of the big players with there mobile phones and get there big share of the market. The make revenue of over 38 billion USD and this make them one of the biggest telecom companies in the world.




Blackberry is known all over the world for there perfect push mail incorporated in there business cells. Although, they have been very popular because of these extensive features there popularity has decreased. Nevertheless, they made a global income of 600 million USD and they starting to position themselves into a different segment market to increase there target market.




LG is a very big mobile manufacturer. This South Korean brand has its share of the market and makes very nice cell phones to. Like Samsung, they sell other products like tablets and other ICT related hardware such as TFT and DVD burners. This year they sold 116 million cell phones and that is why there in my mobile phone top 10.




This cell phone not only makes mobiles but also smartphones and tablets along with networking gadgets, etc. Because of all these products, they have a firm position in the market. The company was affected when it was divided and they lost a considerable market share.




Sony bought Sony Ericsson in the past, this made them become one of the global mobile phone leaders globally, and that is why I have it also in my mobile phone top 10. They have revenue that is more then 6.4 billion USD. This is also because of all the other products they sell like the Playstation 3, etc.




This brand sells there product in over 140 countries and that is why there amongst the biggest in the world. The company has 140,000 employees and have revenue of 19 billion USD. That is why there very influential.




This brand is immensely present in China and is a big telecommunication firm that also resides in Hong Kong, Germany, USA and Australia.


And these are I feel are the best out there and are the mobile phone top 10 brands.