Cheapest Smartphone

If you are searching for the cheapest smartphone and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this page will tell you everything you need to know. Some of the best smartphones in the market fall into a $100 or less category, and this could be perfect if you’re getting your first smartphone. Also smartphones are updated continuously so why would you want to spend $100 to buy an expensive one, because it will be outdated in a couple of months.


LG Ally


This fabulous cheapest smartphone can be purchased for a price of $49 and you’ll get the latest version of Android. It even has a nice slide-out keyboard. If you are a fan of the Android phones, you will like the fact that LG keeps its smartphone user interface simple, so without any unnecessary overlays that sits on top of the OS in the form of a skin. And also you can’t beat that price!


Nokia E73 Mode


The Nokia E73 is offered for the price of $49 from T-Mobile and comes with a very comfortable QWERTY keyboard and a great 2.4 inches display. It’s perfect for e-mails and messaging and when you take a look at the looks you’ll notice it’s slim and sleek just like the people like it. The OS is Symbian, and a bonus is you’ll get free access to Nokia’s Ovi Maps App. This is a turn by turn navigation app. The possibility to turn between 2 home screens is also possible on this phone.


BlackBerry Tour 9630


This cheapest smartphone has a great sleek design and a beautiful screen, international voice and data services, great e-mail facilities, etc. If you want Wi-Fi connectivity then you may pass on this smartphone. But if you don’t care about that, just take it with or without Wi-Fi. You can buy it for the price of $49.


T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide


The T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide comes with a full QWERTY keyboard for your messaging apps. In fact it’s a perfect update over its predecessor the 3G. Additionally it has a bigger display at a 3.4 inches compared to the previous 3.2 inches display. An amazing price of $50 for an amazing 3G smartphone.


BlackBerry Curve 8500 Series


Both the Curve 8530 and the Curve 8520 from AT&T and T-Mobile you can get from Sprint and Verizon at a very fabulous price of $50. It is one of the best and cheapest smartphone for a BlackBerry and you can’t do better than this. You’ll have full access to the BlackBerry App World so you can download apps like crazy. If messaging is your main priority, this smartphone keypad en speed will both keep up with you.


BlackBerry Curve 3G


For buyers that go for great visual appeal and a curved and sleek design this BlackBerry will be perfect. Excellent messaging and e-mail handling, the things all BlackBerry smartphones are famous and known for. 3G connectivity and all of this for an excellent price of $50.


Apple iPhone 3GS


Although the iPhone 4 has been released the iPhone 3GS continues to be a purchase and you’ll won’t regret that. Real fans of the 3GS still prefer this one over the 4G because of its antenna issues which are irritating. And also the fact the iPhone 3GS is priced down to $99 this all makes this cheapest smartphone possibly the best buy ever. It’s a superior smartphone for a very low price.


Samsung Intercept


Unfortunately this smartphone doesn’t have all the great features like its latter models, but it’s a very capable smartphone to choice. All the features are there that Samsung smartphones have with Android on it, so you’ll have all the benefits of the Android features and off course the app store. Although it has Android it lacks Flash support though, the price of $99 however is fantastic if you compare it to its rivals.


Palm Pre Plus


The Palm Pre Plus comes with an excellent webOS platform, which also has some nice features like true multi tasking. WebOS has been popular by the Palm Pixi Plus series and other smartphones and its fun to use. Available for $99.


HTC Droid Incredible


This incredible smartphone comes with the latest version of Android and off course the Android app store to play around with. The speed and features this smartphone has the app performance is always great to experience. You’ll get an 8 MP camera so you can take plenty of pictures and edit them on its 3.7 inches display. For $100 it can be yours and with this price it’s the cheapest smartphone for this features.


BlackBerry Style 9670 Purple Smartphone-Sprint


Not a great style does this smartphone have, even though its name is BlackBerry Style and can be bought for $100. But apart from that it’s a wonderful smartphone and extremely useful, packed with a full QWERTY keyboard, expanded messaging capabilities, 5 MP camera (auto-focus and flash), Wi-Fi and built in GPS and many other things.


BlackBerry Bold 9650


Available for $100 this is a pretty handsome cheapest smartphone. It’s styled like a candy bar and has a full QWERTY keyboard below and on top a full LCD. The video is incredible, 2 MP camera and one of the best screens on a Blackberry you’ll find. Definitely wider than an iPhone, so this allows for easy typing for e-mails and messages.