Cell phone buyers guide

In this post, I want to give you a cell phone buyers guide so you don’t have problems picking the right mobile phone. Doing all the things you can with a cellular such as shopping, listening to music, playing games, etc can be all done right from the palm of your hand. Therefore, it can be a difficult task to pick the right cellular to match your needs. Life is too short to worry yourself about these issues, so that’s why I created this cell phone buyers guide. :-)


What carrier?


I am sure everybody would like to have the best smartphone or the coolest mobile; however, it is even more important to pick the right carrier. Because every phone provider offers different suites to match your needs. If you require calling international then this will eliminate some providers and if you really want an unlimited offer, then this will narrow your search even more and remove additional carriers.


Unfortunately, in the mobile world you have to sign up for several years for your contract in which they will provide service to your cellular. If you want to cancel it before this time, you have to pay a large fee for it usually, so be sure to read any fine prints prior to signing your contract. The phone provider will also sell you a mobile phone if you don’t have one yet for a discount or even give you one without charge if you sign up for a new contract. When new models are being released then have a look for special promotions or offers.


Many providers are offering pre-paid services, however you will end up paying a lot more money in the end if you would go for a plan that is monthly for you cellular. This is the first important step in this cell phone buyers guide.


What plan to choose?


This step in the cell phone buyers guide involves how many minutes you would like to receive each month concerning talking time, texting and any other service options along with data usage, etc.


You have to keep in mind that every provider will have different plans from family orientated plans to individual plans. And the first month will be a significant higher price regardless of the carrier or the plan you choose. This is because you will have to pay the fees for setting things up.


When the first month has expired, keep a close look on your bill and the minutes that you have been using. You can always upgrade or downgrade your plan later if you feel that you need more or less, (if your provider allows it).


Pick your technology


When you pick a cell phone, you have a choice between a smartphone and a conventional phone. The standard conventional mobiles mostly are without charge when you sign up for a new contract. Moreover, they are smaller compared to smartphones and have a much lower price tag. Despite of this they do have texting and off course calling or an available camera and/or internet connection. Then you have smartphone that extend those basic features in the way they utilize applications (apps) and extend your e-mail capabilities or you can play cool games, etc. Even some smartphones can open Office documents and so enable you to work on documents using programs right from your smartphone. The fact is smartphones have faster internet technologies in comparison to conventional mobiles and can have access to many e-mail accounts. The best part of smartphones is they make use of apps and I mean thousands of cell phone apps that extend your smartphone or give you games or some other form of productivity.


Additional features


The last step in this cell phone buyers guide is picking the right cellular matching your needs. If you only want a mobile to use for calling people or sending text messages then you could do with a QWERTY keyboard. However if you rather use games and love to have video chats by using the front and back camera of a smartphone then you should go with that.


Last but not least I would like to mention in this cell phone buyers guide that if you’re buying a cell for more then one person then you should pick one that matches all the people’s needs. If your buying a wireless phone for different members of your family (for instance) then you choose one by there use of style each.