Best smartphone 2011

The best smartphone 2011 and the year 2011 could it be the year of the display or the year of the QWERTY keyboard? Most certainly it has been the year of the “dual core” processor because in fact the best smartphones from last year have them. But also it should be noticed that the enormous improvements in the display technologies in 2011 as well for NFC Technology have taken a giant leap forward.


Which smartphone is the best smartphone 2011 you will wonder? Below you will find the best of the best from the year 2011.


Samsung Galaxy Nexus


This is the first ever smartphone that officially got Google Android with the codename “Android Ice Cream Sandwich” on it. This new version of Google Android has a list of new features over the previous Android OS with the codename Gingerbread. So far the software, the Nexus has a dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and a breathtaking 4.65 inch Super Amoled display. This might very well be the best display that is available on a smartphone.


This smartphone could very well be the best smartphone 2011 and for now the best smartphone every made.


Apple iPhone 4S


Without any Apple products this list wouldn’t be complete. The iPhone 4S is one of the latest products from the iPhone line and has some nice slick specifications. Like a dual-core A5 CPU, iOS 5 + Siri and an 8 MP camera that turned out to be better then the Nokia N8 12 MP camera which is promoted as the best “smartphone camera”.


With this smartphone you will get access to the well known App Store of Apple that hosts thousands of free incredible apps such as games, apps that will increase your productivity and even business apps. Also many say it is one of the best looking smartphone available although the smaller 3.5 inch display it has.


Nokia Lumia 800


The Lumia 800 has marked the return of Nokia and one with a highly capable smartphone that marks the start of a true desirable smartphone based on Windows. It has been crafted from 1 single block of impeccably durable polycarbonate, the Nokia Lumia 800 is among the best smartphones of 2011. It has cool features like a 3.7 inch “Clear Black display”, an 8 MP camera and Windows Phone Mango which is the codename for a Windows Phone 7 update.


These features combined with the Nokia logo will make this one of the most desirable smartphones of 2011 and even through 2012. It is without a doubt the best Windows based smartphone on the market due to its appearance and performance and don’t forget what it stands for.


Samsung Galaxy S2


The first Samsung Galaxy S was the most single favourite smartphone of 2010 that even won awards like consumer choices awards. The update to that smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S2 and is so well packed with features that it might as well be the best smartphone 2011.


The Galaxy S2 has a dual-core Samsung Exynos CPU (extremely fast), NFC Tech support and also an 8 MP camera, Android Gingerbread (with Android Ice Cream Sandwich update available now). Also the Samsung smartphone has a Super Amoled display like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This technology has been manufactured by Samsung so that’s why only Samsung smartphones have it.


Because of all it great features it has become the best selling Android smartphone in the world.


HTC Sensation / XE


The HTC Sensation is about just as good as the Samsung Galaxy S2 (above) with a little edge going to the Galaxy S2, this is because it’s thinner and fits better in your pocket. Like the S2 it has mammoth of a dual-core processor, a beautiful and gorgeous qHD Super LCD display (quarter HD) and this is all wrapped inside a luscious unparalleled unibody enclosure for durability.


Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) runs on it and HTC Sense which looks beautiful, and easily punks out all other manufacturers Android skins. So if you’re a fan of skins this is just as well the best smartphone 2011 on that area.


LG Optimus 3D


The LG Optimus 3D has a glasses free display and that’s what this smartphone is all about. The Optimus has 3D capabilities with its 4.3 inch glasses free 3D display to render 3D effects in almost everything from games to film and even the user interface itself.


With this smartphone you can record your own 3D videos with the sharp dual cameras on the rear of the smartphone and later on play it on your television with 3D capability.


From all the smartphones listed here this one can be considered the least best smartphone 2011.