Best Smartphone 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III


Samsung Galaxy S III is the Android best smartphone 2012 having accomplished incredible success in more than 120 countries around the world. The smartphone is quite commonly known as the one made for people, as it offers merely human-friendly functions.


This Android product enables a person to regulate the smartphone using voice. You’ll find only some easy tasks which can be executed using voice: scheduling events, hitting snooze on an alarm, submitting texts plus playing music.



Obtaining the newest Android Operating System, Samsung Galaxy S III contains virtual keys inside the UI, a face unlock (will allow unlocking phones by using facial recognition software), superior voice incorporation, etc.


HTC One X: Revolutionary Android smartphone


This best smartphone 2012 is far more than just a modern day gadget. Along with incredibly powerful hardware within in addition to a magnificent appearance, it really is one of the most attractive smartphone that you can buy. This smartphone would be the leader of HTC One line and the best smartphone 2012.


This unique new HTC Android mobile will be able to boast of minimal but original design. The case of the smartphone is made from polycarbonate. Using this fabric helps make this kind of smartphone extremely long lasting and lightweight. The front side of HTC One X will be utilized by the huge 4.7-inches capacitive touch screen protected with “Gorilla Glass”, which guards the screen from scratches. The rear on the smartphone contains matt area, and it’s pleasant to the touch. The back features a wide-angle lens with the 8 megapixel camera not to mention LED flash.


Sony Xperia S


Right here is the initial smartphone launched from the Japanese business with no company Ericsson. The new Xperia S gives you a 4.3-inch display plus dual-core CPU that has a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Camera is 12 Megapixel, just like the more mature brother the Xperia Ion. The OS installed on the Xperia S Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which has a guarantee to upgrade to release 4.0 Ice CreamSandwich. Furthermore, between additional features we need to notice the capability to shoot panoramic pictures as well as Certification of PlayStation, which will ensures high quality gaming efficiency and also usage of games at the PlayStation Store. All these features make this the best smartphone 2012 among others.


Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note will not be for everybody. The primary functionality of the smartphone is a big by means of today’s standards display diagonal of 5.3-inches. This kind of action, on the one side might push away several buyers, nevertheless will certainly inhabit an empty niche among smartphones and tablets.


In spite of the huge comfy screen model delivers an ergonomic and also lightweight body. Slim design (only9.65 mm!). Incredibly low weight: all the things are completed in order that you never ever do without the GALAXY Note. Amazingly quickly browsing on the web and deal with the apps offered by a powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz as well as existing protocol support HSPA + (as much as 21 Mbit / s).


Samsung Galaxy S II: New Enhanced Android Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S II is definitely an advanced model of the first Samsung Galaxy S which operates under Android OS. Galaxy S2 is called the best smartphone2012 inthe Mobile World Conference.This smartphone is one of the smallest smartphones on the market (mostly9.5 mm).


The product contains 1 GB of RAM, a 1.2 GHz CPU, a10.8 cmWVGA Super AMOLED plus a unique 8 megapixel camera. Samsung Galaxy has become the first smartphone that supply MHL, enabling as much as 1080p video output.


Apple iPhone 4S


Apple iPhone 4S acquired loads of software and hardware changes, preserving strength of the prior generation of iPhone’s (it is the fifth generation of Apple smartphones). Added letter S in the title of the smartphone signifies the entire replacement of the hardware while not changing the overall look.


New iPhone 4S has been improved upon by adding an 8 megapixel camera having the capacity to record Full HD video. In addition it carries a powerful dual-core CPU using the new A5 video-system that operates 7 times quicker in comparison with previous edition. Concerning some other improvements, iPhone 4S carries a new edition of iOS 5 OS, support for cloud service iCloud, and Siri – Personal Assistant for the speech interface. So this is the reason the Apple iPhone 4S is one of the best smartphone 2012 among others.